Artifacts from 2012-13

On this page you will find examples of my best work within the subject ares areas and courses I completed during 2012-13 school year.



This work shows what I have learned in my math class. Although it has been a long year I have learned alot in this class. We have taken plenty of tests and have had lots of homework. I think is cool and the best part is that no one can take that from you. 


These are some examples of my greatest work in english class. In this class we have read storys, poems, and even did assingments on each and every one. 


This is some of the work that I have done in my science class. It has been a blast in this class because I like to learn. In this class I learned how to balance equations and 


Health is one of my favorite classes. Here you will find some previous work that I have completed. In this class I have learned about drugs, healthy eating ways and much more. I think this easy and super cool.