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Earth Watch Map

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place1: My House

This is where I live. I moved here not to long ago but Iam moving to a better and much bigger house.

Place 2 : Stonewood Mall

This is a very big mall with alot to offer.

Place 3: El Tacazo

This restaurant bring back soo many memories with my family.

Place 4: In N Out

This burger place is amazing. It is better than Mc donalds

Place 5:

I practice here for volleyball 7 days a week until tornaments.

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In the Beginning of the of course I didn’t have the skills that I do now. I improved my skills on how to create app for an android phone not only that but also using sketch up. While using sketch up I was able to create a house the way I would one day like to have. For example when I was using app inventor there were tutorials that gave a step by step explanation and it helped me create my modification of an original app called Hello purr.

My programming and Cadd page show my strengths. I have achieved a lot because I can create things that I wouldn’t have been able to before. For example with Sketch up I created a house with a bathroom, doors windows, etc. Normally I wouldn’t be able to do that or maybe even know what sketch up was but thanks to my teacher I was able to complete something so amazing like that. It’s a great feeling knowing that you achieved something other people wouldn’t know about.

My portfolio needs improvement in a sense of more pictures and explanation. For example I think I might need to show the blocks editor for app inventor and explain how it works. Also the drawing I made for my floor plan.

I find my portfolio very useful because it will help me in the future. It will help me show my work and that I can do things that are unbelievably cool. It will help me in high school because I can then show my teachers a skill that they probably don’t know about. Also It will be useful when I go to college. In college I am sure they will want to know about my computer skills.

I think that my portfolio can be improved by have some type of creative background that I created or put together. Maybe Just a demonstration of all my work that move or that tells a bit of what of I did to create it.


Review on 3 Digital Stories

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P.I. Moms


Today i will be talking about the three digital stories that caught my attention.

First off i want to talk about my favorite one which is about how moms can be excellent undercover agent or as they say P. I. moms. The reason i chose this digital stories specifically because P.I. moms have been chasing after certain people without them knowing for the simple fact that they are soccer moms undercover. I think that it is very awesomes that moms can still be able to do this kind of work because it must be hard for a mom with more than one child. The point of view in this story is from the person that knows the guy that hired these moms to do dangerous undercover work,which mean that this guy had to have heard or seen one of these moms in action.




Organ Transplants


Organ transplants helps save lives. For example stem cells are one of those type of live savers because it cures cancer and illnesses. Although it is not very easy finding a right donor and depending on the waiting list it might take a while. The U.S. supports the donations for organs and tissues for those who are in need of transplants. Examples of the Emotional content are that if no matching donor is found then that person is out of luck and could possibly die.This means that not all people are in luck.

Show Your True Colors



In this digital story i will be talking about

My Introduction

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Hello My Name is Scarlet Ramos, I attend Maywood Academy.

My hobbies are to play Volleyball & listen to music. My favorite subjects are Math & Science.

My future plans in life are to become a doctor that delivers babies, if not then I have my plan B which is to become a professional Volleyball player. Some interesting facts about me are ... that I can talk fast, type fast, & wink one eye. My summer was pretty cool for the most part I went out and had fun with my family and even though I would have preferred something else I decided to for once spend time with friends and family and actually enjoyed it .