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You will find links to my academic work from multiple courses on this page. 

When Jacob Was Born        Created by Scarlet Ramos

My Digital story is about when my baby brother Jacob was born and how it changed my life. I learned so much in this experience. This story means alot to me because not only did my life change but I became a mature person. 

Post Production Team # 5

     1. Minerva Muro-Digital Story Rubric 
     2. Hugo Lujan 

Voice Thread - Multimedia Presentation from the Cloud

Team Name_The Nameless'__
Members: Hansell Quiroz

Jessica de la rosa

Scarlet Ramos
Link to Storyboard: 
Link to Prezi
Feedback group Number & Members: Group #4 

Jose Alvarado 

karla Infante

Jocelyn Diaz

Brenda Orea

Scarlet Ramos
Link to Prezi Group Presentation and Feedback_
Link to Individual Assessment of Team Prezi

Embeded  Team Prezi